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July 18, 2012

Bill-bods: Using Hot Bodies to Advertise Your Brand (NSFW)

July 18, 2012
Traditionally, advertising on a billboard was the way to go to get your message out to the masses. But now, a new and unique way of branding is on the rise, using the human body as a billboard. According to Dareh Gregorian of the NY Post, Margarita Dominguez, a classical pianist, has a side business as a human billboard. He coined the phrase Bill-bods, which has become somewhat of a media wonder, taking off when the story appeared on WPIX-TV in New York.

Margarita, who has played at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, is renting herself out to sponsors and party planners who can use her body as a billboard. I met Margarita at Da Marino's, a piano bar in NYC, playing a classical piece of music one night and we struck up a conversation. The idea of using the human body as a billboard came to her two years ago while she was modeling.

She says, "When I am in body art people go crazy and they want to take pictures of me and blast it out to all their friends on Facebook. In this way company logos go viral. This is marketing at its finest and companies want to be represented by my beautiful walking Bill-bods." She is an entrepreneur and owns Skyblue Entertainment an event company with her business partner Mason Hunt who teamed up with Fernello Design to make it very successful.

Her Bill-bods business has been booming, allowing her to hire 20 models all available to display her clients' brand. Recently she appeared at New York Knicks star, Iman Shumpert's birthday party that was curated by public relations wizard Billie Mitchell. For that event, Margarita and another model sported Shumpert's uniform, which was painted on their bodies. It was nothing short of magnificent and was a huge hit.

"Walking around for an event for 500 people, with everyone taking pictures? I love it," Margarita says. "I am very comfortable with my body."

But don't just take my word for it. Just take a look at the accompanying photo show and see for yourself why the World of Margarita, one woman with many talents, is becoming a sensation!

 [Source : huffingtonpost.com]

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