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July 12, 2012

Sofia Vergara Shirt Is Giving The Actress Trouble In Milan

July 12, 2012
Good thing Sofia Vergara is confident as all get-out, because she's got an unfortunate tendency towards slight wardrobe mishaps. Usually it's a sheerness problem, including sheer tank tops and the rare sheer bottom. But on Thursday, the "Modern Family" star was having a button problem. As in, she couldn't exactly keep her top closed.

It's happened to the best of us: Sofia was walking in Milan in a gorgeous orange blouse (a repeat from a few weeks ago) when a gust of wind combined with a rogue button to briefly expose her bra. Whoops!
In photos (seen in the Daily Mail), you can see Sofia take it in stride. After all, she's got to be used to it -- any girl with a chest has had issues keep a button-down closed once or twice.

Plus, as we all know, Sofia's not one to hide her figure anyway. "I'm a woman, but I'm super-exaggerated with my boobs, my ass, my makeup, and my accent," she once told the Advocate. She also explained to Redbook, "The thing is, I've had these ridiculous huge boobs since I was super young. Like, 13. I was really skinny at that time, so it was weird to have those f---ing boobs and be skinny. It was hideous. Then after I had my kids, I got hips and everything started to come together."

The evidence is conclusive, people: Sofia Vergara has boobs.

Check out the star's slight blouse blunder.


sofia vergara shirt

sofia vergara shirt

sofia vergara shirt  
[Source : huffingtonpost.com]

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