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July 06, 2011

Reggie Bush Dating Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like

July 06, 2011
It sure looks at lot like Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend isn't quite over the reality show queen. The New Orleans Saints pro footballer is currently dating a Kardashian impersonator -- the same look-a-like who channeled the raven-haired beauty in an Old Navy commercial spot earlier this year.

The stunner on Bush's arm is Melissa Molinaro, an actress trying to make it in the business with a little help from her Kardashian-like looks. Molinaro's highest publicity gig so far was the Old Navy commercial spot that had many doing a double take, wondering if the Kardashian clan's queen bee was the newest face of the affordable brand.
Bush even celebrated the Molinaro's birthday with the famous Armenian-American impersonator earlier this month at Beverly Hills' Boa Steakhouse. So does this mean that Bush isn't over Kardashian or does he just have a really specific type? You decide.

[Source : popeater]

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