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December 24, 2011

Learning From the Stone, Gravel and Sand

December 24, 2011

A professor of philosophy while being lectured issued a bottle of mayonnaise that has been empty. Then he pulled out some stones are then loaded it into the bottle.

When two stones are filled, there was no place anymore for the third stone. He asked the students if the jar was full? His students agreed.

Then he took a small pebble. The inclusion of pebbles into the bottle and the bottle was shaken-kocoknya. Pebbles rolled into the end filled the space between the stones. Again he asked if the bottle is full? Students answered yes.

Then the professor took the sand and poured it into bottles. After shaking the bottle was shaken several times, it makes the sand filling the space remaining to meet the bottle.

"Now," said the professor,

"I want you to know that this bottle likens your life.

These stones are the things most important in your life that is, family, health, your children.

These pebbles are the other things are also important in your life, eg work, knowledge, skills.

Sand is other things such as hobbies and enjoyment.

When you enter the gravel and sand in advance then there is no longer room for the stone. Likewise with your life. If you devote all your energy and time for small things, material, position, pleasure, then you do not have room for things that are really important in your life. "

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