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December 24, 2011

Casey Anthony wanted treatment and book deal, forensic psychiatrist says

December 24, 2011
Casey Anthony

A well-known forensic psychiatrist who has authored a new book on Casey Anthony says he was approached by third parties to work on a for-profit book with Anthony, but declined the deal.

Dr. Keith Ablow instead said he offered to treat Anthony for free and in private, but his offer was turned down.

"She needs very competent psychiatric care," said Ablow, the author of "Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony," an in-depth look at the Casey Anthony case from the psychiatric and psychological perspectives. The book is published by St. Martin’s Press.

During a phone interview Wednesday, Ablow said he offered the 25-year-old woman confidential psychotherapy for free through the third-party contacts.

This was at a time, he said, when all parties involved knew Ablow was close to publishing his own book. He would not identify the third-parties involved.

"They thought I might do another one together (with Anthony)," Ablow said. He added, "I wasn’t averse to offering free care."

But the offer from the other side involved treatment with a "for-profit project," Ablow said.

"I’m not interested in a for-profit project disguised as help," he added. "I was not allowed an a la carte menu so I decided not to dine at the restaurant."

Anthony was found not guilty earlier this year of first-degree murder and other serious charges in connection with the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Ablow’s book offers a scathing look at deep psychological damages he theorizes Casey Anthony suffered by her parents. He also suggests Caylee’s death may have been a result of that damage.

Since her acquittal on the serious charges, Casey Anthony has disappeared from the public eye. But recent reports indicate Los Angeles-based Scott Sternberg Productions was pitching an interview with the woman for $500,000 to $750,000.

Casey Anthony’s local, civil attorney Charles Greene was not immediately available to comment on Ablow’s statements.

But earlier this week, when asked about potential money-making opportunities, Greene told reporters Casey Anthony was not trying to sell her story.

"Right now, Ms. Anthony is busy dealing with some very real losses, not only the loss of her child, but the loss of the rest of her family relationships, the loss of any opportunity to ever have a normal life," Greene said Monday, following a hearing involving one of his client’s lawsuits.

"She’s not out there trying to sell anything," said Greene, explaining Anthony is instead spending time "in reflection."

Ablow said Wednesday, "My hope is that she finds someone very talented to work with in a very pure way that has nothing to do with money, because she needs the help."

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